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Julian Tile is an importer/wholesaler of Floor and Wall Tile and Stone.
Julian Tile distributes tile & stone as well as setting materials and tools to major tile stores in Western Canada and Washington State.

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WOW Tiles Now for Special Order Sale at Julian Tile!

Antonio Santos

WOW. Eternal versus the ephemeral.
The integration of light and shadow in architecture.
Surfaces that shift and transform with the changing of light and seasons.
Represents the unexpected in a solid, reliable and practical solution.
WOW redefines the vision of space; elegant and subtle yet contemporary, whislt maintaining the qualities of ceramic: durability and resistance.

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2015 Grouse Grind

Antonio Santos

Our Julian Tile 2015 Grouse Grind team! Renato, Tania, Elaine, Hannah & Cory participated in the Greater Vancouver Home Builders Association's 4th annual Grouse Grind challenge. Great job!

The Adriana Funaro Memorial Golf Tournament For Leukemia/Lymphoma Society & Michael Cuccione Childhood Cancer Research Program at B.C. Children Hospital.

Antonio Santos

Once again, we would like to thank each and every one of you, from the bottom of our hearts, for supporting the Julian Tile Charity Golf Tournament and helping us fund raise for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as well as the Michael Cuccione Childhood Cancer Research Laboratories at B.C. Children’s Hospital.

We would like to dedicate this Tournament to Adriana Funaro, our Burnaby Sales Manager who, at the young age of 44, succumbed to Myelodysplastic Syndrome (a blood disorder). Adriana was a beautiful, intelligent and hardworking wife and mother and a sales manager that everyone loved. In her memory, today we are fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

The Michael Cuccione Childhood Cancer Research Program at B. C. Children’s hospital has grown to 7 laboratories over the last 20 years. The incredible dedication to Michael’s vision is touching and the foundation has raised an incredible 10 million dollars to date. We are proud to partner with them and help fund raise for this great cause also.

Our past 6 tournaments have raised over $200,000 in charitable donations and we look forward to an even more successful tournament this year. As you may already know, Julian Tile will match and donate the value of the green fees of all the golfers playing today to our charitable causes equally.

We would like to thank our numerous sponsors and, in particular, Giusti Wine and Custom Building Products for their generous sponsorship contributions.

Thank you all for helping us make a big difference in the lives of our province’s sick kids and those afflicted with Blood Cancers and disorders.

Together we can make a difference!


Antonio Santos

John Henshaw Architect Inc. was invited to participate this year in Taste of Life’s 2015 Luxury Home Design Show held at the Vancouver Convention Center. They were partnered up with Teragon Developments and Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre and designed a master ensuite spa like environment.

They use the following Julian Tile products for the shower booth:

- GW412 – 4x12 Classic White Glossy $4.17 sqf

- LGICWOO - Cerwood 6x23.5 White Oak $7.49 sqf (being phased out)

John Henshaw Architect Inc. – Photographed by Erich Saide


Antonio Santos

Withstands Time While Inspiring Design:

Ceramic tile continues to be the preferred choice around the world for centuries for its beauty, durability and the abundant natural material used for it's construction. The endless installation options truly makes each room unique to be enjoyed for generations. Discover unlimited design and customization possibilities, mixing colours, textures, patterns, shapes and styles.

The Evident Choice for Green Building:

Due to various sustainable attributes today, tiles contributes towards points and credits for several green building standards:

In North America, sustainable buildings are defined by several green building standards, codes, and rating systems that, put together, recognize a wide variety of sustainable product attributes such as low occupant energy costs and reusable building materials. The following chart outlines the many ways in which ceramic tile can satisfy conformance requirements, or contribute toward credits and points.


Leadership In Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) v3
NAHB National Green Building Standard (ICC 700-2012)
Green Globes/Green Building Assessment Protocol for Commercial Buildings (ANSI/GBI 01-2010)
MR Credit 4
604.1 Recycled Content Recycled Content
MR Credits 1.2
and 3
603.1 Reuse of Existing Building

603.2 Salvaged Material
10.4.1 Reuse of Building Facades

10.4.3 Reuse of Non-Structural Elements
MR Credit 5
11.069.1 Regional Materials
10.1.3 Transportation of Reclaimed or Salvaged Materials

10.1.4 Transportation of Manufactured Materials
IEQ Credits 3.1 and 3.2
6.2 Environmental Management During Construction
6.2 Environmental Management During Construction
IEQ Credits 4.1 and 4.3
901.7 Hard-Surface Flooring

901.8 Wall Coverings

901.10 Adhesives and Sealants
12.2.1 Volatile Organic Compounds
Credit 7.1
505.2 Heat Island Mitigation
7.2.2 Heat Island Effect
EA Pre-Requisite 2 and Credit 1
702.2.2 Energy cost performance Analysis

703.1 Building Envelope
8.4 Building Opaque Envelope
602.1.6 Termite-resistant materials

602.1.11 Tile Backing Materials

901.6 Wall-to-wall carpeting not installed
10.6.1 Building Service Life Plan
Innovation in Design (ID) Credit Opportunities
601.3 Building Dimensions & Layouts

601.7 Pre-Finished Materials
10.7.7 Rain screen Wall Cladding
Pilot Credit, Pending USGBC Approval for v4
610.1 Life Cycle Analysis
10.1.1 Performance Path A
Multi-Attribute Sustainability Conformance to Green Squared
Pending USGBC Approval for Pilot Credit & v4
611.2 Sustainable Products
Green Squared Certified products will help fulfill several of the above-listed criteria

For more comfort, try to look for products that are Green Squared Certified. Measured by third parties, these products provide sustainability and in some cases even provide additional compliance and points. They are the world's only multi-attribute sustainability standard for tile and all the associated products needed to install it. Only products that are independently evaluated by an approved certification body can have the Green Squared Certified Mark. Find Green Squared Certified Products here.

International Green Construction Code (IgCC)-2012
Standard for the Design of High-Performance Green Buildings (ASHRAE 189.1-2011)
California Green Building Standards Code (CALGreen-2010)
Facilities Standards for Public Buildings(GSA p100-2010)
505.2.2 Recycled Content Building Materials Recycled Content
A4.405.3 Recycled Content (Res)

A5.405.4 Recycled Content (Non-Res)
3.16 Interior Finishes
A5.405.3 Reused Material (Non-Res)
505.2.5 Indigenous Materials Regional Materials
A5.405.1 Regional Materials (Non-Res)
804.2 Pre-Occupancy Baseline IAQ Testing IAQ Construction Management Plan
A5.504.1 IAQ During Construction (Non-Res)
806.2 Adhesives & Sealants

806.4 Flooring

806.5 Acoustical Ceiling Tiles & Wall Systems Adhesives & Sealants Floor Covering Materials Ceiling & Wall Systems
4.504.2 Finish Material Pollutant Control (Res)

5.504.4 Finish Material Pollutant Control (Non-Res)
3.16 Interior Finishes
408.2 Site Hardscape Site Hardscape
A5.106.11.1 Hardscape Alternatives(Non-Res)
605 Building Envelope Systems Building Envelope Requirements
General Conformance to A108

Committee Standards for Baseline Code Compliance Service Life Plan
3.16 Interior Finishes
303 Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment
9.5.1 Life-Cycle Assessment
A5.409 Life Cycle Assessment (Non-Res)
Green Squared Certified products will help fulfil several of the above-listed criteria
Pending ANSI SSPC 189.1 WG 9 Review of Sustainable Product Certification (SPC) Programs
Green Squared Certified products will help fulfill several of the above-listed criteria
Interior Systems

A study was made about the life cycle costs for floor finishes (per square foot) was compared to several different floor types by Scharf Godfrey (a construction cost consulting firm). The per year cost includes installation, maintenance, and removal costs.


Floor Finish
Installed Cost
Life Cycle Cost
Expected Life (y)
Cost Per Year
Quarry Tile
Glazed Ceramic Floor Tile
Glazed Porcelain Tile
Mosaic Tile
Unglazed Porcelain
Natural Hardwood
Man-Made Hardwood
Portland Cement Terrazzo
Stained Concrete
Resin Terrazzo
Sheet Vinyl
Poured Epoxy


Antonio Santos

Wedi header.jpg

One of the challenges of building a complete shower system has bee "How do we construct a barrier free shower?". Throughout the years his has been one of the more challenging areas of construct and design that we face as builder and tile installers.

The first solution then, is to build a ramp, but this may not be viable as it may be an obstruction for physically handicapped users in a wheel chair, also making it difficult to tile over its edges left and right. The second solution that may come to mind then is that the shower area can be recessed into the subfloor. This will definitely be an option but there are many drawbacks to this solution such as: do we have adequate space to even make this possible? Is the structure able to be modified to accept this process? Etc. Once we have prepared a job for a recessed installation we now have to realize that, with the absence of a curb, waterproofing from the shower area into the area under the tile in the area close to the shower becomes important. And whatever waterproofing product or method is chosen should be able to safely connect the pitched waterproofing layer of the shower area to the waterproofing layer on the even floor area surrounding the shower. Supposed that these layers will be installed over pitch and plane area and over different substrates, they must be durable enough to deal with exposure of different movement coming from two different substrates and/ or materials. Especially at the transition between pitched and even area, this connection must be strong.

The big question is “Can we install a true floor level shower without going through these expensive and time consuming methods and install a shower safe for tile and in terms of achieving a successful and complete waterproofing concept”? The answer is yes and there is a new system available from your trusted partner at wedi and that answer is…

In April of 2015, we introduced the newest product to the wedi line and it is the wedi Fundo Ligno. For those that are new to the wedi line of pre-sloped shower bases, a typical wedi pan has a perimeter thickness of 1 ½” and select pans with either offset drain or an offset linear drain, the perimeter thickness can vary to accommodate the ¼” per foot slope that is built into our products. The big difference? The perimeter of the Ligno will only be ¾”. We were able to create this product, which maintains a slope of ¼” per foot, by modifying the drain on the backside of the pan to be able to support the needed thickness at the center of the pan.

By strengthening and widening the drain support underneath, we have been able to bring this fantastic new product to you and provide you with all approvals per building and plumbing codes with full ICC Approval. The drain body that wedi employs has not changed, just a few minor details on the installation process. How are we able to achieve this for you and how will this keep me from cutting into my customers structure you ask? Let me explain.

The ¾” plywood subfloor will be cut away to the size of shower to be installed. At this point, blocking will be required to support the new sub-floor that we will create. If you will be waterproofing the main floor with our Subliner Dry sheet membrane and no further underlayment below ( i.e. cement board), added 2”x4” or 2” x 6” blocking will be attached to the joist ¾” below the top of the joist, on all four sides of each joist cavity essentially giving the new recessed subfloor and Ligno base full structural support under its perimeter especially. The Plywood , in smaller sheets, is now re-installed on top of the blocking and thus flush with the top of floor joists. Optionally, if you will be using our ¼” Building Panel for waterproofing or cement board plus Subliner Dry sheet waterproofing membrane on the bathroom floor then you will install your blocking for example only ½” below the joist letting the Fundo Ligno stick out from the recess so it can connect flush with its channel and top to accommodate a connection to a higher floor build up or underlayment products chosen. Once the blocking is installed at the right height and in place, the next step will be to install ¾” plywood on top of this blocking to create a new subfloor that is in that case a bit higher than the top of the floor joist putting Ligno at the right height to connect with wedi Building Panel or cement board and Subliner Dry waterproofing. In this case where the plywood strips are set higher than the floor joist, furring strips are added over the floor joists to get flush. So there are many options to provision for connection of the Ligno base to flooring underlayments offering different build up outside the shower and this flexibility to go to flush floor ground zero or build up higher as needed is valuable. Once the new subfloor in the shower area is in place, a hole will be cut into the subfloor with a diameter of 6 ½” to accept the backside of the drain and your 2” pipe will be cut 5/8” below the new subfloor.

The drain connection itself has not changed, you will use the same compression fit drain connector as you have used in the past. When employing the Subliner Dry as your method of choice for waterproofing the main floor, a simple overlap onto the pan of 4” is all that will be needed and the membrane is flashed up against a wall by about 2-4 inches where applicable. When using the Building Panel, it will join into the notch that is on the pan and wedi joint sealant seals and connects the notch channel and building panel. Where the notch channel(s) is not used (e.g. where sheet membranes are used instead of wedi building panel) it can be filled by sealing in the “channel protection strips” made of wedi building panel. They come in every Ligno box to protect the thin channel in transit and handling. Once done, the membrane is thin-setted right over the channel and reaching into the Ligno base.

The Ligno base has the wedi typical notch channel to also allow for the insertion of wedi building panels, used as your wall backer board, in a bead of wedi joint sealant. And wedi Ligno can be modified in the same fashion as our other Fundo bases. The Ligno will be able to be cut back up to 6” on any side so there is room for modification, although less than what you have come accustomed to on our full line of shower bases. Please be mindful to not cut off more of the base as you will lower the height of the sloped base and a floor flush recessing might become increasingly difficult.

The Ligno, as with our entire Fundo shower system family of products, of course is made for tile and stone. Its strong, reinforced cement based coating offers not only the option to walk over the base and work on it without adding protective plywood- it also is made to offer great adhesion to any cement based type of thinset mortar adhesive. Add into account is light weight (easier on the structure and on your back), its insulating properties (keeps tiles warmer), internal waterproofness, and you can sell your customer a great added value installation. We are excited to bring you our new Ligno system and trust you will enjoy many great installations around the Ligno. We constantly thrive to introduce new products to you which address your installation needs and are engineered to overcome traditional challenges in construction, so that you can build your shower business on one brand, one complete system, one warranty that you can trust.

We hope that wedi Fundo Liquo can be a successful part of your business. Please feel free to contact your local Technical Sales Support Manager (TSSM) with any questions that you have about availability or technical questions on this first shower system for floor even and barrier installation MADE for tile installation.

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  Visit our website at     Copyright © 2015* wedicorp, All rights reserved.

Visit our website at
Copyright © 2015* wedicorp, All rights reserved.


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The warmth of wood dresses up any room in home, and with the sure practicality of ceramic, everything becomes coordinated. Inspiration becomes tangible structure, surfaces win the challenge of daily life, and all of it is dependable. With different woods and colors ideally blended together, this Italian floor & wall tile creates a simplistic yet stunning look for your home. Click here to visit the Vogue page.


Antonio Santos

With the perfect blend of of contemporary style and timeless appeal, it's sizes makes it possible to create stylish brickwork surfaces on both floor and walls whether indoors or out. Several of the tiles (such as Silver and Gold), melts and compacts at lower temperatures than classic stoneware, making it possible to obtain beautifully exclusive glazes that preserve the resistance of the tile. In the end, the result is a ceramic product with a striking appearance and such impressive resistance that it can be used on floors. Click here to visit the Brick page.


Antonio Santos

Our Norr, Esprit, Mashup, and Quarziti Series gives you unlimited options for designing indoor and outdoor. Available in 10mm and 20mm pavers, these pieces come with different options for pieces and trims, including swimming pool edges, elements for flower beds and gardening solutions, raceways, sleeves and wall tops.

Two Smart Ladies and One Stunning Kitchen Design

Antonio Santos

Interior Designer Nancy Dean @Two Smart Ladies, collaborated with Al Pattison, CMKBD @Kitchen Korner to create this stunning kitchen design. The large format porcelain tile, Sands Dark Natural cover the floor and Pearl Oyster is featured on the backsplash, both available at Julian Tile. Who wouldn’t want to spend their time in this bright beautiful space?

Julian Tile At Giusti Wines in Northern Italy (near Venice)

Antonio Santos

In mid September this year, before the tile show “Cersaie” in Bologna , Italy our Julian Managers, Buyers, and many friends in the tile business (from Canada, USA and Italy) gathered on the spectacular vineyards of our partner, Joe Giusti, for a tour of his new Giusti Wine Headquarters and also of the vineyards themselves – all in Northern Italy near Venice.

Giusti currently holds 75 hectares of vineyards there and his newest acquisition is the Abbazia Property on gentle rolling hills of the “Montello” overlooking the town and church steeple.

The property grows grapes (which were being harvested as we toured) and also a number of beautiful chestnut trees dropping their ripe fruit (Marroni) to the ground, ready for roasting. The property is historic landmark and at the top of one of the hills sits the ruins of a 11th Century Abby called L’Abbazia di Sant’Eustachio. On Saturday, September 20th Julian held a party for 110 for all our friends and family on the terrace of the Abbazia property where we enjoyed great food , wine and live music – all topped off with fireworks. What a night! Special thanks to Rodney Clark of Rodney’s Oyster House (Eamon, Matt and Jennifer too) for getting the East Coast lobsters, oysters and clams to Italy in time for the party and for preparing everything just right!!