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Julian Tile is an importer/wholesaler of Floor and Wall Tile and Stone.
Julian Tile distributes tile & stone as well as setting materials and tools to major tile stores in Western Canada and Washington State.

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One of Julian Tile Suppliers Partners With Lamborghini

Antonio Santos

The Protoshop by Lamborghini is the first multi-storey industrial building in Italy in Class A: it covers an area of almost 5,000 m2 and was designed for the famous vehicle manufacturer to house its “Prototypes and Pre-series” department.

The project is the work of the Prospazio team of architects of Modena, who chose the ultra-slim (3.5 mm thick) and big size (3m x 1m) Slimtech slabs by Lea Ceramiche for the covering of the ventilated façade.

Lea Slimtech is ideal for the construction of low energy buildings because it is 100% eco-compatible; it releases less pollution into the atmosphere, makes the most efficient use of natural resources, achieving savings in transport and packaging, creating less production waste and optimizing its energy performance.

Download the technical information on this project.

Onix Mosaics from Spain. 98% Recycled Content.

Antonio Santos

The Mosaics by Onix are a symbol of distinction, a break from the norm and an expression of personal style with which interior design redraws its boundaries and rethinks preconceived ideas to become a decorative element of considerable added value. As the light strikes our high-quality textures, it creates a combination of effects that generate the most spectacular atmospheres. Their incredible versatility liberates the innovative and avantgarde spirit of whoever chooses them without placing restraints on creativity because these mosaic tiles are capable of harmoniously blending in with any other component chosen for interior design projects. An entire decade of dedication to modern design and innovation has provided ONIX with a unique identity, making it stand out from among the leading companies in the sector. Homes, public spaces and shopping centres around the world have all been designed according to the ONIX spirit; a spirit that entices you to live the future in the present through the selection of any one of the numerous and versatile collections we have to offer.

Create Unique Patterns With Woodstock; Eco Porcelain Tile From Italy

Antonio Santos

Woodstock Series comes in 5 different sizes and gives you hundreds of setting possibilities. And because Woodstock Series is certified by the Green Building Council of Italia and EMAS, the European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme, you can free your creativity and feel good about our environment.

New Glass From Italy With 95% Recycled Content.

Antonio Santos

Area 25 Mosaics. To view all the colours and for more information about this tile, please click here

Natural Living. Eco Managed Italian Porcelain From Julian Tile.

Antonio Santos

Four colors, a beautiful long bar mix and an eco label from the European Environment Commission. Natural Living. A natural choice

Woodstock. New Italian porcelain tile at Julian Tile.

Antonio Santos

Woodstock features four modular sizes plus two coordinating mosaics in fiveearthy colors. Truly a tile for all seasons.

Slimtech. 3.5mm Italian PorcelainTile. Eco Certified.

Antonio Santos

Slim (3.5mm) and light, Slimtech is a pleasure to lay. An Incredibly versatile product with great aesthetics and high technological value.
Click here to visit the Slimtech page.

Eiger. Italian floor/wall porcelain tile

Antonio Santos

A fresh, clean look with a commercial grade surface rating. For more information and pictures please click here

Tile – A Green Choice

Antonio Santos

marmi italiani series

Tile is a clever choice for anyone who wants to build green. Take a look at some facts that make ceramic and porcelain tile a environmentally-friendly material.

Life Cycle - When installed properly, ceramic and porcelain tile can last a lifetime. Unlike carpet, laminate or vinyl, ceramic and porcelain tile does not have to be replaced periodically.

Recycling - Most of the tile factories today are getting certified for eco responsible process. Reutilization of water and materials are common ground.

Air Quality - Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) is a big factor on many health problems. Ceramic and porcelain tile are fired to extremely high temperatures removing 100% volatile organics. You also can use grout and adhesives with zero or close to zero VOCs.

Hypoallergenic – Tile is inhospitable to dust mites, mold, germs, and bacteria and often used to replace carpet for people with allergies or asthma.

Low Maintenance – You don’t need chemicals to maintain the beauty of your tile. Often just warm water will do the job.