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Julian Tile is an importer/wholesaler of Floor and Wall Tile and Stone.
Julian Tile distributes tile & stone as well as setting materials and tools to major tile stores in Western Canada and Washington State.

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Gen Series At The Birth Center in Winnipeg by MMP Architects

Antonio Santos


The Birth Centre is located in St. Vital, Winnipeg, Manitoba at the major traffic junction of St Mary’s Road and St. Anne’s Road. The building, built in 1959, is a conversion of a 12000 sq ft Safeway building into the new Birth Centre, which includes a 3000 sq ft addition; the building was last known as the headquarters for Global TV Winnipeg. The new building program includes a reception area, waiting room, birthing rooms, workspace, conference room, meeting room, offices, lounge, exam rooms, education room and ancillary services.

The original gable-shed roof of the Safeway provided the conceptual framework for the building. The large gable roof that defined the slope and lines of the original building was transformed into a single-pitch roof, ultimately leading to the concept of ‘building within building.’ This mono-slope roof is carried throughout the site as a single plane, while the building addition inserted below the shed is defined by the site axis set askew. This architectural strategy is an attempt to bring the building to a human scale and to create difference within by focusing on the in-between spaces: The transition spaces, the courtyard, the protective corridor, and the interactive spaces around the perimeter of the building.

Furthermore, because the site is at a busy intersection, the intent was to force the building to the perimeter of the site. This provides a protective, sheltered green space in-between, a park-like, suburban condition within the context of a busy, noisy intersection. The building site was developed as an island, allowing the public to access the building from the north in an east-west axis at the highly visible junction, while the staff entry is from the south also in an east west access. To address this condition and to re-brand the building, the community is addressed at the street front with a twenty-five foot-high curtain wall with a subtle interplay of colour and transparency; this is set back within the defined roof line in an attempt to animate the street front.

The result is a playful building defined by the busy V-shaped intersection with a focus on providing an economical solution to a complex transformation and sensitive program.