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Julian Tile is an importer/wholesaler of Floor and Wall Tile and Stone.
Julian Tile distributes tile & stone as well as setting materials and tools to major tile stores in Western Canada and Washington State.

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Antonio Santos

John Henshaw Architect Inc. was invited to participate this year in Taste of Life’s 2015 Luxury Home Design Show held at the Vancouver Convention Center. They were partnered up with Teragon Developments and Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre and designed a master ensuite spa like environment.

They use the following Julian Tile products for the shower booth:

- GW412 – 4x12 Classic White Glossy $4.17 sqf

- LGICWOO - Cerwood 6x23.5 White Oak $7.49 sqf (being phased out)

John Henshaw Architect Inc. – Photographed by Erich Saide

Create Unique Patterns With Woodstock; Eco Porcelain Tile From Italy

Antonio Santos

Woodstock Series comes in 5 different sizes and gives you hundreds of setting possibilities. And because Woodstock Series is certified by the Green Building Council of Italia and EMAS, the European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme, you can free your creativity and feel good about our environment.

Riolito Linear Shower Drain

Antonio Santos

Step By Step Installation

The wedi Fundo Riolito is a unique and fully prefabricated tileable unit featuring linear or channel drains. Water drains away through a narrow gap between the cover plate and adjacent tiling. The wedi Fundo Riolio shower drain can be installed with wedi® Building Panels and Curbs to guarantee a waterproof assembly.

The Riolito offers three cover plate options for the integrated channel drain, each made of high quality stainless steel. By adjusting cover plate height, the Fundo Riolito can be combined with nearly any tile or natural stone surface, in a range of thicknesses from 1/4” to 1/2” for the Standard or Deluxe channel covers and from 1/4” to 3/4“ for the tileable channel cover. The Riolito includes a drain set that can be glued to a 2” pipe (ending 1-1/8” below floor top surface) using solvent cement glue.

The Riolito is a great solution to enable homeowners, designers and installers to take bath design into the future. Fully tested for superior performance, this system is the ideal blend of innovation and practical application.

A - Curb B - Wedi Fundo Riolito C - Building Panel D - Sealing Collar E - Screws F - Drain Body

Useful Facts:

- The drainage rate is 16 gal/minute.
- The prefabricated slope is 1⁄4 in/ft.
- Even large-format tiles can be used in the thinbed process. Fundo Riolito has a true level slope and is ideal where ADA requirements should be met.

Tools and Materials

• Bucket • Notch Trowel • Drill with Thinset Mixer • Utility Knife • Straight Edge / T-Square 5 ft or longer • Speed Square • Caulk Gun • Handsaw • Flat Head Screwdriver • Cordless Drill or Hammer • Solid Putty Knife • Paper Towels • Level • Circular Saw • Saw Horse • Tape Measure • Permanent Marker • PVC Pipe Cement Glue and Primer • Inside PVC Pipe Cutter.

Before Installation

• Sub floor is level, sound and meets deflection criteria. • If Shower base is to be installed floor level, make sure you build out a stable depression and deep enough to receive base + thin set • 2” PVC pipe is cut 1 1/8” below top of sub floor surface. • 2” drain assembly below floor is stabilized and will not sink under water load. • Make sure wedi® drain and 2” pipe is safely connected using PVC cement and primer. • Only wedi® products (wedi® sealant, wedi® fasteners, wedi® building panel, wedi® curb, wedi® ramp) are used for wedi® Fundo Riolito assembly. • Installer has been instructed by wedi® staff or has been informed about proper wedi® assembly steps through wedi® installation brochure and video.

Step by Step Installation Instructions

1 - Cut the 2” pipe 1 1/8” below the top of the subfloor surface of the floor construction. Make sure that the cut out fits to the Riolito panel drain. Cut out a 4 1/4” diameter hole around the 2” pipe to allow the wedi® drain to be inserted into the subfloor. The drain and trap must be securely fastened to the sub floor.

2 - Assemble the drain unit following the instruction drawing.

3 - Glue and seal the wedi® drain body to the 2” pipe. Mount the sealing collar to the wedi® Riolito underside counterpart.

4 - Skim coat the thinset (ANSI A118.4) and comb through with a 1/4” x 1/4” notch trowel. Channels pointing to the entrance.

5 - Trowel the thinset on the rear side of the Fundo Riolito again using a 1/4” x 1/4” notch trowel.

6 - Press the Fundo Riolito firmly into the thinset bed, ensuring that the installation is level and void free. Apply weight (thinset bags) equally across the Fundo Riolito base.

7 - Set up a continuous 1/2” bead of wedi® sealant along the base’s channel on the outer perimeter. Note that the wedi® joint sealant starts setting up after 15 minutes. Set the beads separately for each panel installed.

8 - Install the wedi® panels around the Fundo Riolito, fixed and sealed in the Fundo Riolito channel’s bead of sealant. Fasten the panels directly to the studs using one wedi® fastener per foot. One extra fastener is set in between seams of panels to create a flush transition.

9 - Set up continuous 1/2” beads of sealant between and in all seams to adjacent panels. Excessive sealant is smoothed out us ing a putty knife. An addition al 1/2” bead of caulk is set along the inside bottom joints connect ing the wall panels and base and spread flat over the joint, achieving a coverage of at least 3/4” on both sides of the seams. All fasteners are covered with sealant.

10 - wedi® Niches are installed in a cut out in the wedi® wall and attach with it’s flange right into the center of 16 o.c. studs. wedi® Joint Sealant is set along the connection of wall to niche.

11 - (2) fasteners on each side of the niche are set to create a flush transition to the wall panels. Another 1/2” bead of wedi® seal ant is spread over fasteners and seams.

12 - A continuous 1/2” bead of sealant is set into the channel and along the vertical curb notched part. A 1/2” bead of seal ant is set against both wedi® walls. A 1/2” bead of thin set mortar is set on the floor. Cut wedi® curb to fit tightly in the opening, and then press firmly into place.

Installing The Drain Cover

A - Fundo Riolito Standard Drain Cover: Polished Stainless Steel
B - Fundo Riolito Deluxe Drain Cover: High Grade Stainless Steel
C - Fundo Riolito Tileable Drain Cover: Can be tiled with epoxy glue / adhesive. Can be used for 1/4” and 1/2” tile / stone (reverse cover)

1 - Mount the screw heads to the threaded bolts inside the drain channel and bring them to the desired height so that the drain cover finish will sit slightly lower or flush with your tile or stone.

2 - Align the square screw heads so that the drain cover finish can be inserted. The screw heads will support the drain cover finish even under heavy duty conditions.

Each drain cover set contains two white hard PVC spacers, which can be inserted into the channel to help align your tile to the channel’s edge.