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Langley, BC

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Julian Tile is an importer/wholesaler of Floor and Wall Tile and Stone.
Julian Tile distributes tile & stone as well as setting materials and tools to major tile stores in Western Canada and Washington State.

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certificate types


A voluntary tool developed by the EEC (European Economic Community) to promote the presence of environment friendly products in the market. The European ecological label certifies that the product has a low environmental impact over its entire life cycle. The setting up the "Hard flood coverings" Ecolabel (2002/272/ec), which includes ceramic tiles, the European Commission has established a series of specific criteria for assigning the label to this category of products.

EUEB Mission Statement:

For the Flower to be recognized as Europe's premier award for products and services which are a genuinely a better choice for the environment. To help manufacturers, retailers and service providers to get recognition for good standards and purchasers to make reliable choices.

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EMAS (91839/93/Ec - 761/2001/EC)

A voluntary tool set up by the EEC at the disposal of companies and other organizations, including public and private services, for monitoring, reporting and improving their environmental performance. The revision of the EMAS regulations has incorporated the ISO 14001 procedure and the two systems are currently equivalent in terms of procedures, organization and control systems.

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IPPC Directive (96/61/EC)

Community directive on integrated pollution prevention and control which marked the transition from a permit based environmental system divided up by medium (water, air, soil,waste, etc.) to an integrated and overarching vision with a focus on prevention at source. To promote innovation, the reduction in company emissions is based on the potential offered by the best available environmental techniques (BATS)

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LEED Certification

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating Systems in the nationally accepting benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high performance green buildings.

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